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Releases Manager - Tech Update March 2020
Tech Updates
April 8, 2020

Releases Manager - Tech Update March 2020

Hey everyone! I’m glad to meet you up here again for our tech update. I hope you are all safe and getting around this very special period of time. We’re back this month to tell you we have a new product to introduce you to! And we’re pretty excited about it. So, meet Releases Manager!

What’s new: Releases Manager

Last week, we launched the beta version of our brand new product dedicated to your music releases. As you know, the core idea behind Reprtoir is to give record companies a way to optimize their business by offering tools to better manage catalogs and music metadata. 

This time we reached a milestone we have been aiming for for a long time; we’ve launched our new product dedicated to music releases.

Discover Releases Manager: a powerful tool that will make you save massive amounts of time by helping you prepare and submit your releases much more efficiently.

We know how tedious the process of submitting your new music releases to aggregators and digital service providers can be. Trust us, having run a licensing company for over 15 years, we know what we’re talking about!

We wanted to make this step easier and accessible from your own work environment. You’ll be able to prepare tailor-made ZIP packages ready to upload to your distributor’s CMS, including all metadata, audio files and artwork from your catalog.

For now, Releases Manager allows you to prepare your releases for The Orchard and for Believe Digital. We plan on adding more distribution feeds in the future. 

Try out the solution now! 

What’s more: A few new things on our website

We also redesigned parts of our website. You’ll see that our Home page gives you a better overview of our line of products.

Also, I can point out the fact that our blog has been redecorated. Take a stroll through it and discover our new weekly articles.

What’s next: Royalties Manager

You heard that right, we have started to pave the way for a royalty accounting system. It’s going to take a little bit of time because we want to nail this: adding such a tool inside of Reprtoir accounts would make our platform truly complete. 

We will keep you posted of future advancements in this area. In the meantime, stay safe and we'll meet up again next month!

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