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Contracts Management

Keep the full control of your chain of rights.

Manage any type of music industry contract, add rights holders, royalty splits, territories, and more, then link them to thousands of Tracks, Videos or Works in seconds.
Rights Manager

Create and manage digital versions of any music business contract type.





Any other

Any other

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    Define Payer and one or more Rights-Holders by Contract and associate them with Contributors.
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    Add detailed Royalties splits for any type of Incomes.
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    Store legal terms and conditions like start and end date, exclusivity options, resignation notice settings, renewal options and duration.
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    Bulk associate hundreds of Tracks, Videos, or Works in seconds.
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    Attach any original or scanned contract file (PDF, Docx, Doc, etc.) to always have them at hand.
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    Check incomes, expenses, and operations attached to a Contract without leaving a Contract pane.
Out-of-the-box features

Includes all content management features that will change your professional life.

  • Advanced filtering

    Advanced filtering

    Filter any lists with no restrictions with our multiple search engines by including, excluding, and search for available or missing attributes.
  • Mass editing

    Mass editing

    Perform bulk metadata edits by adding and removing multiple items at once like attributes, contributors, or tags.
  • Saved searches

    Saved searches

    Save your filters to easily access the data you are looking for whenever you need it. Move quickly from one search to another to stay efficient and multitask!
  • Data export

    Data export

    Export the metadata of any resource by selecting the columns and their positions in the exported file. Save export templates for future reuse.
  • Over than 100 features included

    Over than 100 features included

    All Reprtoir products include more that 100 CMS-oriented leading features for music content management.

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Reprtoir is committed to music businesses' digital transition.

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