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Reprtoir takes care of your data and privacy.

Reprtoir is fully hosted on AWS providing the best end-to-end security and privacy features. In addition, our team takes additional proactive measures to ensure infrastructure security.
Reprtoir takes care of your data and privacy.
  • Data center security

    Data center security

    AWS has obtained an impressive list of certifications and third-party assessments ensuring the complete and ongoing security of its services. AWS has many years of experience designing, building and operating large scale data centers.

    The AWS infrastructure is hosted in Amazon-controlled data centers around the world. Only employees within Amazon who have a legitimate need for such information have access to the actual location of these data centers. The data centers themselves are secured with several physical checkpoints to prevent unauthorized access.

    AWS will always be much better at physical security than we ever can, outsourcing it to them made sense.

    For additional details about AWS security, please visit
  • Software security

    Software security

    All communications from Reprtoir’s softwares are encrypted with 256-bit SSL that can not be viewed by third parties and with the same level of encryption as used by banks and financial institutions.

    Reprtoir maintains current PCI Level 1 compliance in accordance with industry-wide standards for storing, processing, and transmitting credit card information online.

    Reprtoir actively monitors the security, performance and availability of its applications 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. We perform automated security tests on an ongoing basis. We also turn to a third party for intrusion tests.

    Regarding confidentiality, you can consult our complete privacy policy here:
  • Infrastructure security

    Infrastructure security

    The Reprtoir infrastructure is hosted in a fully redundant and secure VPN environment with limited access to operation support staff. Allowing us to benefit from comprehensive firewall protection, private IP addresses, and other high-level security features.
  • Internal policy

    Internal policy

    Reprtoir applies strict standard and security measures throughout its management. Each member of the team is trained and kept informed of the latest security protocols. We undergo regular tests, training and audits of our practices and policies.
  • Payment policy

    Payment policy

    Reprtoir uses Stripe solutions to manage subscription processes. Stripe hosts credit card information and processes secured payments as they do for Amazon, Google, Spotify, Uber,, Allianz, or Nasdaq.

    For additional details about Stripe solutions, please visit

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Reprtoir is committed to music businesses' digital transition.
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Reprtoir is committed to music businesses' digital transition.