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Release Builder

The only industry solution for creating pre-formatted (meta)data packages compatible with distributors.

Releases Manager

If you deliver your releases to Believe or The Orchard, Release Builder will save you a lot of time!

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If you are dealing with any other music distribution company, aggregators, or streaming and/or download services and would benefit from having us set up a specific feed to them, please contact us.

Save yourself some valuable time on distribution operations

Release Builder allows record labels to easily submit their releases to music distributors such as Believe and The Orchard.
Distributing catalogs made easier like never before for record labels.

Make ready your albums for distribution

Release Builder is part of Reprtoir’s Catalog Management system specifically designed for music metadata. Select your albums from your catalog to be released online and build your Release list in your Reprtoir work environment, with all your metadata already updated. You’ll then be able to link your content to the releases you’re planning to deliver according to the distribution company you work with.

Metadata compliance with distributors

Releases Builder allows you to fill up all the required details for the selected music distribution company in your workspace before submitting your files on their content management systems. Update your metadata in Reprtoir’s environment to make your metadata compliant before submitting your releases to each specific music distributor as pre-filled bulk upload spreadsheets.

Deliver your music to your distributor in no time

Until now, you had to upload and fill in tons of metadata in your distributor’s catalog management system for every release. Save yourself some time by creating a tailor-made import package directly from your own catalog in Reprtoir’s workspace. This package includes a pre-filled bulk upload spreadsheet and pre-named audio files ready to be uploaded. Go from your record companies’ catalog management system to your distributor’s in no time!

Support The Orchard, Believe Digital, and more

Release Builder allows you to make ready releases for distribution to The Orchard and Believe Digital. We are working to add more music distribution companies, aggregators and streaming and/or download services. If you are dealing with any other music distribution companies or have direct deals with DSPs and would benefit from having us set up a specific feed to them, please contact us.

Soon to be released: Automatic feeds

To ease up your release process even more, we are working towards automating all these steps. You will soon be able to distribute your releases directly from Reprtoir. The automatic feed will allow you to completely bypass the music distribution companies content management system and work from your record companies’ data. We’ll tell you more about the update soon!
Soon to be released: Automatic feeds

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Reprtoir is committed to music businesses' digital transition.
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Reprtoir is committed to music businesses' digital transition.

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