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Music Sharing

The easiest solution for creating and sharing playlists in a minute and then monitoring their traffic in real-time.

Playlists for business
Pitch sync and licensing deals with Playlists for business.

The perfect companion for sales teams who need to share playlists safely

Create a private playlist, drag and drop tracks from your catalog, assign permissions, and safely share it with your contacts in minutes.

Every playlist can be shared with one or several persons. Music sharing solution makes it easier and faster than ever before for your sales team to pitch tracks for sync and licensing deals.

Real-time playlists analytics keep you informed in real-time when someone open your playlists or stream or download your songs.

Get data telling you which track was the most listened to, how long the receiver listened to the playlist or even how many times they got back to it. Every data feedback is automatically available in each playlist you sent.
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    Get real-time full traffic analytics for playlist views, tracks streams and downloads.
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    Make your business decisions with all the informations you need.
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    With contact filtering, see exactly who of your prospects and customers accessed playlists and listened to or downloaded your music, and when.
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    Obtain the total number of streams and downloads for each song included in your playlist.
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    Keep full historical data with no retention limit.
Track and monitor your playlists' traffic in real-time
"Playlists Analytics allow me to see in real-time which tracks the supervisors have listened to, how many times and when... That changes everything when I call back my clients. Love that!"
Erick Monser
DMPE Music Group, Australia

Revolutionize your business with Audio AI

Artificial Intelligence allows for automatic track tagging, audio similarity-based searches, and more, all integrated within Reprtoir.
Audio AI
Reprtoir is committed to music businesses' digital transition.
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Reprtoir is committed to music businesses' digital transition.

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