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Music business insights - WR #26
Weekly Roundups
July 17, 2020

Music business insights - WR #26

Hey all! I hope holidays are already officially starting for you and your team to get some rest before next September. This Fall will be an important couple of months for the music industry; a lot of changes in strategies for music professionals are expected. This week I wanted to take a look at some of the projections that came across our way and some of the early signals to help music professionals make the most informed business decisions.

#1. Music publishing insights

The music publishing sector is a fast moving ecosystem, and it should get even better soon. We told you in a previous Weekly Roundup the news of Mike Smith coming onboard at Down Music Publishing. And this time we have a little bit more insights.

In an interview with Music Business Worldwide, Mike Smith gave a few informations about his vision on the publishing sector and the music industry as a whole. With an impressive background at Warner Chappell and EMI, get insights on the near future in music!

#2. Data insights for music professionals

If you have been following these Weekly Roundups, you should have heard about Cherie Hu by now. Some new writers are taking over on her Patreon and for the first one, Julie Knibbe, music data specialist, talks about the use of data by music professionals to defend their artists.

Reprtoir addresses the needs of record companies and music publishers with a software suite, to manage catalogs, royalty splits, musical works, releases and playlists. But it’s always good to have an overview of strategies relying on data, so I can only advise you to take a look at these case studies!

#3. Music business post coronavirus opportunities

Something we can still count on regarding music business is its resilience. Sammy Andrews wrote a tribune on opportunities to come for the music industry, underlining the importance of livestream, the renewed interest of fans for merchandising and physical sales.

We talked about some successes and trends on streaming during and after lockdown. We should be able to see major evolutions soon, and even more when physical live shows will resume. All in all, there still can be major improvements made in the music business!

#4. Music videos evolution

We’ve got news from Facebook going after music videos: the social media platform could be launching a new music video service with deals with major record labels. All of this started a few years ago to boost the Watch video service on Facebook, according to Musically. Even though this seems like a logical move, this puts Facebook directly in competition with YouTube.

#5. Insights on music hits

To finish up on a different note, here is an interesting take on how the music hits’ DNA has changed in the last years. All in all, many of the changes made tracks safer: shorter intro, several writers and complying with already working formulas. If we follow the idea led by MIDiA Research, the recipe should be reinvented once the format changes.

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