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Saved searches - Tech Update November 2019
Tech Updates
November 25, 2019

Saved searches - Tech Update November 2019

November was a productive month but most of what happened was under the hood.

What's new: Saved searches

This month’s big addition to Reprtoir’s family of mind-boggling features is our Saved Searches.

Up until now, we had the possibility to create complex filtering structures to isolate specific data or content inside our accounts, but we had no means to actually save those filters.

Because we have set the bold goal to make the world a better place to live in for all human beings, animals and plants alike, and because altruism and philanthropy are core values of our mission to enhance humankind, we have chosen to alleviate our users from their state of despair by implementing saved searches.

We truly believe the world is better off after having pushed this new build.

What's more

Saving the world once a month is the cross we must bear. We have not found it in us to do it twice.

What's next: Tabs & user roles

December will most likely bring us new lists found in resource tabs (for instance being able to see all of an artist’s tracks directly from within its resource panel).

New user roles, permissions and rights are also on the menu!

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