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Rights-Holders Portal is now available in Reprtoir’s Royalties Manager
November 17, 2021

Rights-Holders Portal is now available in Reprtoir’s Royalties Manager

Transparency in the music business has become one of the main values that Rights-Holders expect from the music Companies they collaborate with.

Reprtoir is a software suite for music businesses to manage their administrative tasks and optimize operations. This means that our workspace can help record labels and music publishing companies manage their music metadata by storing their assets in catalogs (Catalog Management solution).

And we didn’t stop there: business management is also taken care of with our tool to release music directly from Reprtoir (Release Builder) and share music with professionals (Music Sharing).

Finally, we released our royalty accounting software, to allow users of Reprtoir to manage their accounting directly in link with the rest of their assets (Contracts, Rights-Holders, Distributors, etc.)

Reprtoir is working on reinforcing the confidence of your Rights-Holders in our users’ Organizations thanks to our brand new Rights-Holders Portal system. Our customers can now give any of their Rights-Holders access to their financial data while maintaining data privacy and confidentiality.

What is the Reprtoir Rights-Holders Portal?

The Rights-Holders Portal is based upon secure and private accounts (isolated from the Reprtoir Workspace), in which the Organization’s Rights-Holders access their lists of Statements, Operations, and Payments, as well as Analytics. This way all business operations that are related to these Rights-Holders will be visible, transparent.

A Company’s Portal is customizable, allowing users to add a logo and custom colors that links what will be displayed in the Rights-Holders Portal of your Company. So in addition to being fully transparent with Rights-Holders, our customers will be able to build their very own space that will look and feel like them.

As of today, the Rights-Holders Portal system is included for free for all current Royalties Manager customers.

What is Royalties Manager?

Royalties Manager is a feature of the Reprtoir software suite. Among other products such as our music metadata specific CMS, private playlists service or tailor-made files for music releases, we added our royalty accounting system last year.

Royalties Manager is a powerful accounting system built by music professionals to handle incomes, fees, advances, and process royalty statements from any source, in any currency, in minutes. If you’re willing to know more about Royalties Manager and how it works, don’t hesitate to contact us to get a free demo of the workspace!

Any questions about Reprtoir’s Rights-Holders Portal?

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions regarding this new feature, we’re always here to answer any of your questions.

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