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New Products on Reprtoir - Tech Update
Tech Updates
January 6, 2021

New Products on Reprtoir - Tech Update

What’s new

First stop: Catalog Management. We released a new product from the Reprtoir Software Suite to allow our users to store and manage videos, whether or not they are available on YouTube, among other assets.

With Videos Manager, you can: 

  • Mass import Videos
  • Manage all your video metadata
  • Link and preview your YouTube assets and videos
  • Add Royalty Splits on Videos (exactly as you do on Tracks and Works)
  • Mass edit Royalty Splits with Sheets
  • Associate Tracks, Works and Contracts to Videos

Second, Royalty Management, our brand new product designed to manage royalties accounting has been released in its public beta version!

With Royalties Manager, you can:

  • Import Incomes and Expenses in one secured workspace
  • Manage Digital Sales directly in your workspace 
  • Immediately match data from your Distributor with you catalog and Contributors
  • Manage Statements and Balances
  • Follow your whole chain of Rights

What’s more 

We changed our pricing models, for the best! All Reprtoir products are now at the same reduced price, and storage has now its own pricing. This new pricing was thought to fit as closely as possible to your needs and use of Reprtoir. Of course our products remain free under 100 tracks, 100 videos and 100 works uploaded on the platform, and the number of users per account remains unlimited. You can get all details right here!

We also brought multiple improvements to our contracts within Rights Manager. I will spare you the details but essentially we streamlined the contract creation process and made contract management more flexible.

What’s next

That’s where you come in! Tell us more about how we can improve these new products to fit each and every one of your needs. Shoot us a message and find out how we can talk through what’s on your mind.

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