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A Look Back on MusicBiz 2023
May 22, 2023

A Look Back on MusicBiz 2023

We are excited to say that Reprtoir was at the MusicBiz event last week! Our Business development and Customer Relationship manager Nathan was in Nashville to attend one of the most appreciated music industry conferences, that’s been around for more than 6 decades now. MusicBiz has been an exciting one!

The music industry conference: MusicBiz

First things first, let’s talk about MusicBiz 2023 for a second. I’m fairly certain that you already know about the event (otherwise, here’s the info you need), but did you take the time to look over what had been going on panel wise this year? A lot of topics regarding tech and music industry were to be highlighted. And that’s very fine by us.

Regarding the attendance, MusicBiz is a real who’s who of the music industry. This is an event for the professional side, so you’ll find managers, companies related to music such as record labels, music publishers, PROs or musictech solutions. So there are only a few artists, but the conference attracts all types of companies.

What did we talk about at MusicBiz?

Since AI was the highlight of the majority of the panels, it ended up being a recurring topic for all conversations. Interestingly, the debate was about technology itself and brought up a lot of possibilities. Now, the challenge lies in how we connect these innovations (blockchain, NFT, metaverse…) to the music sector. How will it work for artists? For creation ? For our use as an industry?

Which brings us to another hot topic for the MusicBiz crowd; how formats are changing at a fast pace. Short videos, TikTok and other platforms have been transforming habits. So what will be the next steps on monetization? Will it help the current music business?

Finally, we noticed a focus on publishing, a pretty complex subject, still connected to tech. There are still current matters at hand that we didn’t solve, such as metadata management and data flow for the music industry. All in all, conversations at MusicBiz had a pretty good balance between the future and current issues for music.

Reprtoir at MusicBiz

In the end, solutions like Reprtoir provide tools to interpret these evolutions and manage new technologies into workflows. And since our team is always open to new ideas and new potential features, networking was helpful in many ways.

MusicBiz is where people are really more here to connect with each other rather than spend all day in conferences (pick your favorites and plan your meetings!). The main focus for everybody is to meet up and take advantage of Nashville’s finest local music.

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