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Why do labels and publishers need a music CMS?
July 22, 2020

Why do labels and publishers need a music CMS?

Why do record companies and publishers need an administration software specifically designed for their needs? Big question we are here to answer. Reprtoir thought of a content management system for music professionals, to help with catalog management, data management, audio files and music releases. And we know how difficult it might be to think of changing tools within a team for a record company or publishers. But I can assure you, we made it easy.

A dedicated content management system for music metadata

First, why making a content management system for music metadata altogether? Very simple: managing music metadata is no regular practice. It is very important to be able to check every little detail of information link to a track to be sure to redistribute revenues, release correctly on digital platforms and simply have the right and latest informations about your tracks and artists online.

Having everything linked in one workspace means everything can be connected: tracks, artists, royalty splits, releases and playlists sent to professionals. Need to specify every rights holders, control royalty splits and send a playlist to seal a licensing deal? Everything can be managed in only one workspace, accessible at all time and always updated. Metadata in music necessitates a full attention to details, delegating the tech part to specialists will help you being productive and efficient. Let us help!

Music metadata is crucial, and a specifically designed CMS can make you save a lot of time. Having a SaaS solution to handle your data means your whole team can access the catalog and musical works at any time, from everywhere. Here at Reprtoir, our team is scattered through Western Europe, and this was a deep need for us. Of course we added permissions to ease the team management process for the administrator, and we don’t have any limit on accounts per catalog.

Managing music metadata with the outside

Having your own solution to work efficiently with your team on music metadata is one thing. And you probably have one built in or using another solution. You can always try out Reprtoir before making the change for your whole team.

Adding up to the productivity the solutions would bring you, one main issue of the music industry Reprtoir is tackling is the lack of data standards, communications and file sharing systems. Having everything bulked up in your own content management system doesn’t mean you’ll be able to share everything with your colleagues, partners or clients. With Reprtoir, exporting your data is easy and quickly shared. A clean catalog means a productive team!

One more thing: many strategies have to be thought of when it comes to releasing music. And it can be tricky considering all distribution platforms don’t really use the same content management systems. Again, with this, having a music metadata specific CMS means that this process can be of help. With our new product is a way for you to build tailor-made packages for your releases and directly distribute them onto distribution platforms (for now Believe and The Orchard, more are coming soon). Everything is made to help you make the best of your use of your metadata!

The main idea, and I think you got it by now, is to optimize little tasks to help music professionals focus on the main part of their job. Having a SaaS solution to help you manage music catalogs means less time spent on following your chain of rights, everything at the same place and a support team always here to help.

Delegate the tech to professional teams and save yourself some valuable time. All of Reprtoir’s solutions are free under a 100 tracks (or a 100 works depending on the product you’re trying on). Releases Manager is currently in a free beta version! Request a demo to better understand what we can bring you!

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