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Permissions - Tech Update December 2019
Tech Updates
December 26, 2019

Permissions - Tech Update December 2019

December has been a busy month here. We had a lot to deal with, but the main change we successfully worked on is our permission system. We know you were waiting for this feature, and finally, there it is!

What's new: Permissions

Our last update brought a new feature to Reprtoir: a real permissions system. Until now, users rights were simply restrictions of authorization to handle or not the company’s invoices. Now, the system is way more efficient.

From now on, managing user permissions will rely on these options:

  • Only administrators can create, modify or delete users and manage their permissions;
  • Administrators define access to products per user, and their permissions to modify and edit those products’ resources;
  • Administrators can, for example, determine if the user can only visualize content or if he has creation, editing and deletion rights for each product;
  • For Catalog Management Solution, we added another option to allow users the right to visualize the royalty splits as well as the right to edit them or not;
  • Finally, administrators decide if the user has the right to manage the company’s billing data.

These options are now available in administrators’ accounts. We sincerely hope these permissions will help you manage teams and tracks!

What's more

To go even further, we added the possibility to lock and unlock the possibility to edit tracks, albums or even playlists. With this new feature, administrators will be able to have a more granular approach on modifications by the team!

What's next

For next month, we are working on our new merging tool to help you manage your tracks in the most efficient way possible!

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