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Back from Music Biz 2024 - Reprtoir’s takeaway
May 20, 2024

Back from Music Biz 2024 - Reprtoir’s takeaway

Here we are, back from one of the most influential meetings in the music industry! Last week, the team was in Nashville for Music Biz, and as you know, we couldn’t wait to tell you all about our trip.

What’s Music Biz?

First things first, Music Biz is the main event of the Music Business Association, which sets the scene for discussions about the future of the music industry. Today, Music Biz works to put professionals’ experiences together, creating an ecosystem of music industry professionals, from content to consumption.

Reprtoir is part of that ecosystem, as one of the Association’s members. We also got to talk about our latest developments and vision of the music industry’s future. If you’re interested, it’s all there! And we were proud partners of the 2024 edition of Music Biz!

Music Biz brings together companies of the music industry, academic partners, and individual professionals. Many of whom we got to talk with at the main event!

What was Reprtoir doing at Music Biz?

We decided to leap this edition of Music Biz because Reprtoir is now the most complete SaaS solution for the management of your music business. And we knew we had a lot to talk about with all attendees.

Reprtoir's team at Music Biz 2024

As you can see, we were all around and always chatting over there! The energy at Music Biz was great, always So here are the highlights of our discussions.

What did we talk about at Music Biz?

Lucky for us, we had a lot to show for when it came to the key discussions during the event. Of course, AI was all around, and considering that our feature Audio AI just came out in collaboration with Cyanite, it was perfect timing! We weren’t the only ones interested in this and got to take part in a lot of debates on AI-powered audio analysis and how tech can improve workflows. And we really couldn’t agree more.

Another hot topic was CWR. As licensing professionals first, we’ve always known its importance. This is why we made Reprtoir CWR compatible, and are now pretty used to these conversations with music publishers. But interestingly enough, these concerns were coming from more people from outside the publishing world such as streaming platforms. This is an exciting sign!

Finally, we were happy to talk more about our new features, fully in the scope of the latest trends in the music industry. With the release of Libraries in Reprtoir, Audio AI features, and all our work on Release Builder, we were happy to see a great reception of the final touches on the most complete workspace for music professionals to streamline their business management.

All in all, Music Biz deserves its reputation as one of the best music industry events. Even though we didn’t manage to see most of the speaking program, conversations were insightful with all the people we got in touch with. Music Biz gathers a great crowd of music industry professionals, thank you for a great edition!

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