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Reprtoir Assets Hub is now available
February 8, 2023

Reprtoir Assets Hub is now available

Reprtoir is now launching a global offer, accessible to all music companies. Welcome to our Assets Hub, in which any user can send and receive assets within minutes. And it all starts with an Inobx in our space.

So we are glad to officially announce the release of our newest feature: Reprtoir Inbox.

Reprtoir Inbox, new way to share music files

Reprtoir Inbox provides a streamlined and efficient way to transfer Assets between Reprtoir Accounts, including all Metadata, Custom Tags, and Audio files. Everything can remain in the same space, improving not only workflow but also security.

Reprtoir eliminates the need for time-consuming steps such as exporting, downloading, re-uploading, or other data import-export workflow processes. But we didn’t stop there.

Accessing Reprtoir has never been easier

To make sure that this feature helps as many music companies as possible, we opened the possibility to create a free account. Music Creators (Artists, Producers, Songwriters…) and Music Users (Supervisors, Productions, Brands…) can subscribe to our Free Plan and use Reprtoir at no cost.

With this account, you’ll be able to access some features of Reprtoir: 

  • Catalog Management
  • Reprtoir Inbox
  • Unlimited Playlists and Analytics 

As a free user, you’ll be limited:

  • 1 User access
  • 1,000 Assets managed
  • 50 GB of File Storage

A better way to collaborate for music companies

Reprtoir becomes a Music Industry Assets Hub, allowing Music Professionals, Creators, and Users to streamline their workflows.

By making Reprtoir more accessible to make sure that Assets can be shared easily from one account to another, shareability and compatibility issues are a thing from the past.

Here are some examples of use according to the typologies of users:

  • Music Professionals (Record Labels and Music Publishers) can effortlessly and quickly ingest Assets from Music Creators (Artists, Producers, Songwriters, Licensees, etc.) in their Accounts;
  • Music Creators (Artists, Producers, Songwriters, Licensing Companies, etc.) can send Assets to Music Professionals and Music Users;
  • Music Users (Music Supervisors, Film Production Companies, Brands, Licensing Companies, etc.) can receive Assets from Music Professionals and Music Creators.

Reprtoir Inbox is available for all our current and future users, at no additional cost. To start using Reprtoir Inbox, go to your Account Integrations Settings, or set up a call with us.

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