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A Look Back at Music Ally Connect 2024
January 23, 2024

A Look Back at Music Ally Connect 2024

Great news, the Reprtoir team was at Music Ally Connect! The new event launched and managed by the London-based company MusicAlly took place this week, and we’re here to tell you all about it!

Why go to Music Ally Connect?

First things first: Music Ally is a musictech knowledge company with over 20 years worth of information, experience and data on the global music business. That being said, this means that the team has extensive knowledge and network in the field which transpired at Music Ally Connect.

Music Ally Connect is an annual international music business conference. The first edition took place this week and gathered no less than 18 partners and sponsors, all major companies in the music business. As for participants, a few more than a hundred professionals were present for the very first time at King’s Place to attend the conference.

So if you’re looking for a place to meet up with a select group of music professionals evolving in the music business and innovation, this is definitely the place for you.

What do we talk about at Music Ally Connect?

As you can expect from a strong editorial team, the event was filled with conferences and keynotes about the ever-changing music business.

The conference covered a range of topics from AI and Music, addressing legal, licensing, and enforcement issues, as well as exploring the benefits of AI beyond music creation. We then got to the intersection of Music and Gaming, discussing opportunities in platforms with the Head of Music at Roblox and examining business models in mobile gaming.

One topic that obviously caught our eye was "The Future of Publishing Data," which explored how publishers can use data more wisely. Topics more directed towards the music industry itself were also planned, such as Streaming Challenges, Remuneration, and Fraud; an International Track focusing on Japan and China; the Future of Video.

The Conference ended on a focus on Innovation, featuring the Music Ally SI:X Showcase with presentations from startup winners. Each track included keynote interviews, panel discussions, and partner presentations, offering a comprehensive exploration of key issues in the music business.

Should you go to the next Music Ally Connect?

If your goal is to connect with an ecosystem evolving directly towards the music business, then yes. Don’t expect to see many artists, you’ll be there to see key industry players in a privileged setting.

Finally, the main differentiating point according to us is the fact that content is carefully curated, with a wide selection of international panelists. Music Ally’s knowledge of the industry shows and attendance to conferences is well observed over at Music Ally Connect. Word of advice, if you’re expecting to be in meetings all day and miss out on all conferences, be aware that the majority of attendees are sitting in at least a few, and content is worth it!

You’ll surely see the Reprtoir team again next year!

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