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Midem Digital Edition 2021
November 18, 2021

Midem Digital Edition 2021

This week is the new Midem Digital Edition. We’ve been following the virtual event at Reprtoir, so we decided to give you our insights on what we’ve seen and share our favorite keynotes. Then connect if it’s the first time you're getting into a Midem Digital Edition or login, and let’s dive in.

Midem Digital Edition - Why taking a look?

I know you’re well aware that Midem is a moment the global music industry gets together to touch base on what is happening and the next trends. Well, it’s also the moment to connect with an international ecosystem for music! Since these events have been digital for the last, let’s say, year and a half, it’s always good to keep an eye on how the music industry is doing, even online. So we did just that thanks to Midem’s platform on which you’ll find keynotes, panels and a wide networking app for music professionals.

And there are some topics that we covered here on Reprtoir’s blog! Mark Mulligan, from MIDiA Research has been explaining how important the creator economy is. The surge of music creators and a more traditional business model on streaming that doesn’t work as well with this new wave of creators. A few interesting takeaways for the ones managing artists. See for yourself right here.

Talking about Artist & Label services at Midem

As you may already know, Midem has a focus based on Artist and Label Services. This Digital Edition makes no exception. A lot of insights are transpiring through the panels and keynotes. It is also one of the most talked-about topics in the networking sessions, maybe some connections may be good to be made in sight of the physical edition of June 2022?

It’s becoming a regular meetup at Midem. Believe’s Denis Ladegaillerie took a moment to talk about how the company grew but also his vision of artist and label services. Spoilers: the music industry is growing so fast and getting so wide that digital campaigns and tools (internal or external) are not even an option anymore. Find out more here.

Of course, there are other themes and keynotes that you can see on the platform. The good news is: it will always be available for all participants to watch! The platform remains free to connect to all year long, so you won’t have to miss a thing.

Midem 2022: looking forward with Reprtoir

After the Midem Digital Edition 2021, we will be at Midem Cannes 2022, fingers crossed! Before getting to meet up in June, there are a few next steps for Reprtoir that we are glad to share with you.

A bit earlier, we were talking about Midem’s focus on label services. We are working on these very specific aspects: label services are our main play. And we just released our brand new Rights-Holders Portal. Now, any company that is a customer of Reprtoir, be it a record label or a music publisher, has the possibility to give each and every one of their Rights-Holders a personal access to their financial data, while maintaining their privacy. When we were talking about the importance of artist and label services, we were not kidding. We are fully aware of the need to be in touch with assets and consolidate services as much as possible.

Another feature you can expect from us is analytics on sales for our Royalty Accounting solution users. Indeed, we’ve seen several demands for this one and we are glad to tell you that is undergoing as we are writing these lines. One major thing about Reptoir is that our 

If you’re looking to connect with our team, don’t hesitate to reach out directly to us through the Chat button on the bottom right of your screen. And for the ones who are already using features from Reprtoir’s software suite, you can always give us your feedback, happy to help!

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