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Invoice management - Tech Update April 2020
Tech Updates
May 5, 2020

Invoice management - Tech Update April 2020

Hey all, I hope everyone is staying safe inside again for this month. I am glad to meet you up for our new Tech Update! I hope you got the chance to take a look at our new product Release BuilderI told you about last month in our previous Tech Update. Let’s talk management and royalty splits!

What’s new: improved invoice management

Good news! Users can now download their invoices as PDF from their invoices list.

What’s more: a better Help Center

We are currently updating every single one of the articles in our Help Center.

This process takes a little time but soon enough it will be up to speed with Reprtoir’s latest improvements.

What’s next: Royalty Splits refactoring

This update might not seem like much from the outside, but it has a rather big impact on how Splits and Right Holders are managed within your account. 

Here is a little run down of what we have been working:

  • Imports of Splits: In just a matter of days, you’ll be able to import Royalty Splits through Reprtoir Spreadsheets directly into your workspace.
  • Bulk update of Splits: We are also making it possible to bulk update the Splits of your Tracks and Works already present in your account through our Spreadsheets.
  • Paving the way for Royalties Manager: We have also decided to separate Royalty Splits in two categories to make things much easier down the line for the implementation of Royalties Manager whose release is planned for a not so distant future.

Stay safe all!

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