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Fans and artists, to be connected - WR #146
Weekly Roundups
January 27, 2023

Fans and artists, to be connected - WR #146

If it feels like we talk about platforms a lot every week, it’s true. But there’s a reason for that: it’s the direct connection between artists and their community. Their state actually impacts the industry as a whole, so let’s see what this week has in store.

 #1. Cyanite launches a new feature

Cyanite is launching a brand new offer with “complex text input” to search for the right song for the right moment. How does it work exactly? “Users can insert a full scene description, a synch briefing or just a hunch about a sound, and Cyanite’s Free Text Search will provide a list of suitable tracks,” is how the company described it.

Of course this is a feature destined to sync and licensing in music, to optimize research through catalogs on the quest to find the right track. Right now, Cyanite has already implemented the feature for some clients trying it out.

#2. Actual reasons why streaming is struggling

There are numerous reasons why the streaming model has been under scrutiny these last few years. And we’ve talked about it repeatedly. MIDiA Research is showing once again how unsustainable the current state of things is right now.

The model has been through so many changes, it’s not even music but audio streaming now. And consumer habits are not what they used to be. We can all agree that streaming a wide world, but what are the next steps?

Well, there are a few possible options, but it all comes down to initiatives taken by the actors of streaming, labels, DPS… To create new revenue models or just even rethink their positions. Major labels are now joining the conversation because we’re now at a stage where we can’t ignore the need for a change anymore.

#3. Is fandom the next optimization?

Improving artist-fans relationships is one of the most tackled issues by startups in music today. What does it say about its vision?

It says that there should be an easier path towards loyal fandom for listeners than what’s currently in place nowadays. This is the whole problem raised by Music x: how do we help this connection and what support do we need to create value?

Because we’re always talking about the struggle of getting paid a reasonable amount for artists, it usually becomes the core pitch for new products supposed to help with fans and community. But really, it’s more about the ability to talk and connect with the listeners. We don’t need new platforms and apps, we need frictionless connections to create better momentums.

#4. New sales in catalogs

It wouldn’t be a music industry news roundup without a few sales to mention. This beginning of the year hasn’t held back on it!

At the beginning of the week, Warner Music Group announced their acquisition of Yes “Recorded Music Rights and Income Streams”. This is what they described as a “milestone” themselves. Quite the deal then.

After that, the same day, Primary Wave shared the news of acquiring the music rights of Robby Krieger and the late Ray Manzarek of The Doors. Before you start wondering, no, Jim Morrison’s rights aren’t included in the deal. That would have been an even more impressive deal.

Finally, Justin Bierber just announced selling his catalog to Blackstone-backed Hipgnosis Songs Capital (HSC) for an undisclosed amount (we just know it’s a 9-figure one). Lots of transactions for a week, deals have been worked on during the winter break without a doubt.

#5. New record broken on streaming

If you used your phone, opened Social Media or stepped outside lately, you may have heard Miley Cyrus’ new track “Flowers”. The start of this heavy title has reached peaks on streaming platforms. It has reached more than 101 millions streams in only one week, leading to Spotify taking Social Media to announce a new record. Now the challenge will be getting to keep new listeners arriving during this momentum and making them long term streamers for the artist.

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