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Going to AIM Connected 2020, is it worth it?
February 11, 2020

Going to AIM Connected 2020, is it worth it?

This week we gave in to the London calling and joined the AIM Connected 2020. A full day to get in the UK music tech ecosystem. Since it was the first time we attended this event, we thought we would take the time to tell you all about it. So, is AIM Connected worth it?

What is AIM?

Starting from the beginning, the organizer of AIM Connected, AIM, stands Association of Independent Music. This is the main network for the independent recorded music sector in the UK. You can find a wide diversity of actors within the members operating in fields such as tech, labels, publishers, institutions… A good entry point in the ecosystem.

This association aims to connect all actors and unify the ecosystem within the UK. They host several events throughout the year and are involved in major questions for the industry; diversity, standards and accelerating emerging techs. Of course, we got hooked! You can find out more about them here.

What is AIM Connected?

The event was planned over the day, mixing different formats. We went from Strong Opinions (« cut-to-the-chase » keynotes) to the marketplace. And in parallel, some speed meetings in a quieter room. Expect to always be on the move!

Every talk is short and concise, avoiding the frustration to miss half of it when you are connecting with someone. Note: the speakers have more time afterwards, leading to even more interesting contacts.

The event is not overcrowded, and this is definitely an advantage. Talking to attendees is easy, at any time. As Paul Pacifico, CEO, said during the opening of the day: everyone is part of the network and everyone is looking for new contacts!

We might regret the fact that no attendees list was available, even for speed meetings (for which you have to book yourself a slot a few days before). But again, since the event is kept at a human size, meeting different members of AIM is made easy. It is an event to (re)connect with a strong ecosystem in the UK, with an focus put on AIM members.

What did we talk about at AIM Connected?

AIM Connected

The morning was focused on diversity in the music industry and future trends. Followed by the climate emergency with a presentation of the movement Music Declares a Climate and Ecological emergency by AIM Chair and Ninja Tune co-CEO Peter Quicke.

The afternoon was more directed towards data management, distribution and best practices for artists and labels. A lot of specialized actors went on stage (FUGAPPLDeezer…). All in all, the speakers were high level.

AIM Connected 2020 is the right opportunity to test the water, get in touch with a moving ecosystem and discuss trends. Special shout out to the speed meetings arranged during the day; a good ice breaker and everything happening in a friendly atmosphere.

So is AIM Connected worth the drive?

Looking back, I see AIM Connected as a good opportunity to start the year by connecting Reprtoir with AIM’s members. You can see a few people are used to come to the association’s events, and use them as occasions to meetup with each other. If you’re looking to tackle and/or touch ground with the UK market, I would recommend to make the trip.

Since the event is happening during one day (instead of three like last year), everything happens quite fast. But you always can navigate smoothly through the participants. The major advantage being the fact that you will actually have time to have a discussion with a potential partner, client or even just another actor about their activities.

If you’re a regular or a newbie like us, don’t hesitate to share your impressions and ideas!

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