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Zooming in on end-of-the-year challenges - WR #193
Weekly Roundups
December 22, 2023

Zooming in on end-of-the-year challenges - WR #193

A few challenges are still in progress before the end of the year. AI is still in full development, and TikTok tends to its relationships with the music industry. Let's see what else 2023 has in store for us.

#1. Grimes engages with artistic intelligence platform 

Triniti, an artificial intelligence platform supported by Grimes and powered by CreateSafe, has announced a partnership with Sounds.Studio, a modern music production platform. The aim of the partnership is to give independent creators access to robust, easy-to-use artistic intelligence (AI) tools to facilitate the seamless creation and distribution of music. Sounds.Studio will use Triniti technology to offer a browser-integrated music and audio AI tool, enabling users to create, edit, administer, distribute and market music from a single location.

Grimes has used Triniti to clone his voice, allowing artists to use his voice in original songs with his permission, and over 1,000 songs have been created since the launch of the service. Sounds.Studio enables users to add the Grimes AI voice model to their own music, and distribute the music to major streaming platforms via Triniti’s distribution channels. The partnership aims to bridge the gap between creation and distribution through AI technology.

#2. TikTok tends to relationship with the music industry

Relations between TikTok and the music industry are becoming increasingly harmonious. TikTok has announced new agreements with Warner Music Group and DistroKid, demonstrating its willingness to collaborate with key industry players. Ole Obermann, global head of music business development at TikTok, underlines the platform's commitment to working with the music industry to create hit songs and artists. The "Add to Music App" function has been introduced, enabling users to save songs discovered on TikTok to playlists on other streaming platforms.

The TikTok Music streaming service was also launched in several countries. Obermann is considering potential collaborations with other platforms, including Spotify, Apple and Amazon. The aim is to make TikTok the best music discovery and promotion service. Mr. Obermann, who has worked for major record labels, is convinced that TikTok's unique model and innovation can contribute to the growth of the music industry. The platform aims to become a complete music ecosystem, integrating discovery, promotion, engagement, consumption, live events, merchandise and ticket sales.

#3. Warner explores music as a therapeutic tool

Warner Music Group has teamed up with British healthcare technology start-up MediMusic to explore the potential of music as a therapeutic tool. The collaboration marks the label's first music therapy agreement and aims to use music to relieve pain, anxiety and stress through clinical trials of personalized playlists. MediMusic uses AI and machine learning to create evidence-based playlists tailored to patients' individual needs. The trials will involve Warner Music playlists as part of the collaboration, with promising results such as a 25% reduction in heart rate in dementia patients. The collaboration plans to extend the trials to hospitals and nursing homes, exploring the healing power of music and enhancing the technology for global use. The collaboration is part of Warner Music Group's commitment to finding new ways for music to benefit society.

#4. 2024 will be a year of change

Over the past four years, the media landscape has been transformed since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. Significant changes have occurred in the consumption of digital entertainment, such as the explosion of online content, the increasing empowerment of consumers and the challenges facing the streaming and generative artificial intelligence industries. Highlights include:

  1. Impact of major events: Global events such as international conflicts and the climate crisis are influencing consumer behavior.
  2. Growing public autonomy: Consumers are becoming more active and intentional in their consumption.
  3. Challenges of streaming and the creator economy: The growth of the creator economy is challenging streaming business models.
  4. The rise of generative AI: The expansion of generative artificial intelligence presents copyright and monetization challenges.
  5. The potential for an analog renaissance: In the face of the digital proliferation of content, there is potential for a return to analog experiences, such as vinyl, offering authenticity, rarity and value to audiences.

The year 2024, marked by major world events and technological developments, will be a period of significant change in the entertainment sector, with consequences for content consumption and business models.

#5. Copyright in AI generated music

As AI is increasingly used to create entire songs without human intervention, questions are being raised about the authorship of these creations. Legal questions arise over the ownership of AI-generated songs, including whether the software creator, the artist who created the invitations, or other entities are the legal owners.

Currently, the US Copyright Office does not grant copyright protection to AI-generated works in the absence of "human authorship", but this situation could change as the technology advances. Recent case studies have illustrated potential copyright conflicts in the case of AI-generated works imitating popular artists. The field of AI-generated music raises challenges for copyright holders, streaming platforms and artists, and legal adjustments may be needed to reflect the reality of this new creative frontier.

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