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Video management is now available in Reprtoir
December 16, 2020

Video management is now available in Reprtoir

Reprtoir’s family of content management products is growing with the immediate availability of Videos Manager for all our users.

Videos Manager allows you to store and manage your videos, whether or not they are available on YouTube.

With Videos Manager, you can:

  • Mass import Videos
  • Manage all your video metadata
  • Link and preview your YouTube assets and videos
  • Add Royalty Splits on Videos (exactly as you do on Tracks and Works)
  • Mass edit Royalty Splits with Sheets
  • Associate Tracks, Works and Contracts to Videos

Browse all features

Please note you can’t upload your own videos for the moment. Only metadata and YouTube video previews are available.

Royalty sharing on videos

Videos Manager is fully compatible with Royalties Manager to calculate your videos’ royalties. Royalty sources currently supported are:

If a Royalty source is not available, feel free to contact us and we will gladly ingest it for free.

Not only for record labels

If you are a movie or TV production firm, a video creation team, a YouTube MCN, or any entity that needs to manage video metadata and split royalties between rights holders, Videos Manager can help you to facilitate your workflows.

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