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Pitching Playlists for Sync Licensing Deals
Music Industry Essentials
September 27, 2021

Pitching Playlists for Sync Licensing Deals

B2B Music Marketing Explained 

There are more ways to make money from your catalog than you may think. Let’s face it, streaming and digital sales revenues aren’t going to make the bulk of your revenue in this day and age. With that being said, there is still a very lucrative way to sell your music.

Rather than pitching 1 song to 1 person – why not pitch an entire playlist from your catalog to a business?

Businesses tend to use music for commercialized purposes, have larger budgets / spending capabilities than your average fan, and pay sync royalties – which is where the real money is at. For those requiring a refresher on sync royalties and sync deals – they pay every time the music is broadcast.

Rather than endless tours and advertising campaigns which are both costly in their own way, these kinds of deals delegate the work and scale music sales quickly. From Jet to Feist to Dirty Vegas and with countless more artists in between, commercials have been responsible for many music and artist success stories.

Let’s take a closer look at how you can use the power of technology to join the ranks of artists who have had a boost from business.

It Pays to Know Before You Go

First of all, there is some research to be done! Think about it - a business like Apple or Chevrolet may be looking to reflect their brand in the music that they use. That means that they aren’t likely to be choosing Deathmetal bands or anything with explicit lyrics.

Don’t think that means nobody uses Deathmetal or portions of songs that may also contain explicit content – but you’re more likely to have success pitching that kind of music to brands that are more likely to play it. Try an energy drink company or any brand with a more extreme or niche client base that suits the tone.

While you may have heard of services that offer to pitch your own or your labels tracks to individual services for a fee, pitching entire playlists to businesses offers some advantages. Firstly, the odds of having a song be chosen are greater if you are pitching an entire playlist of your music. Secondly, taking the curators personal tastes out of the picture can assist you or your sales teams in strategizing for success. 

It is quite a lot easier to imagine what kind of music a brand is going to go for than the nuances of a relative stranger's subjective opinions. Another advantage of this strategy is the fact that less people are doing it. There are countless services out there that you can pay to pitch your tracks, but the odds are still stacked against you by the sheer amount of saturation. 

It’s fair to say that most artists’ biggest goal is not to be in a movie or a commercial – but it is an extremely practical way to get music in front of larger audiences and generate that oh-so-sweet mailbox money. Sync deals can generate an indefinite amount of revenue because they pay every time the music is broadcast, so a sale to a business tends to generate more value than a sale to a consumer.

Using Reprtoir to Get Sync and Licensing Deals

When it comes to pitching playlists, it is important to have access to your analytics so that you and your sales team can track what strategies are working and which ones need some attention. Reprtoir is an app that makes it easier to be successful for your label or publishing company and artists when pitching to businesses. Playlists are private and secure, so you don’t need to worry about being taken advantage of by bad prospects.

Reprtoir makes it simple, easy and efficient to make playlists directly out of your catalog and submit them to businesses, and track traffic. You can help your sales team take their strategy and efficiency to new heights by giving them the tool that enables them to do their jobs.

By giving your sales team the opportunity to not only pitch playlists easily but to gain feedback from prospects, you are maximizing the chances of their success. With Reprtoir, you can see what songs they played and how long they listened for which is critical information.

When prospects start to consistently ‘bounce’ (disengage with the music) in one spot, you know that track isn’t working in that position or niche. With all the data at your fingertips, you are armed with the power to make business decisions confidently and take your label or publishing company to new heights.

Reprtoir also makes it easy to track and assign rights, keeping everybody involved on the up and up, ensuring happy artists and good business practice. Reprtoir is making it possible to manage entire catalogs all in one place and keep your business organized. Visit the website here to learn more about how Reprtoir can help you sell more music.

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