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Royalty Splits - Tech Update May 2020
Tech Updates
June 3, 2020

Royalty Splits - Tech Update May 2020

Hey everyone, Robin here!

What’s new: Royalty Splits

First off, we improved the management of royalty splits in your account! All users can now assign splits to tracks, works and their respective rights holders.

We optimized the process of assigning splits to ease up the management of royalties and in prevision of the up and coming Royalty Management Solution. As you might already know, the team is working hard on our future product dedicated to importing royalty statements and processing royalty accounting.

All in all, you'll find the allocation of contributors, rights holders and roles easier to manage and link to one another.

Here is another feature improvement: from now on you will be able to bulk update and assign splits through Reprtoir Spreadsheets! Until now, you could edit splits from Tracks or Works list. Although you could edit several tracks or works in one go, it wasn’t possible to do so for splits and rights holders.

It is now easier to update your splits within Reprtoir, but this also means you can import content and update your splits later!

What’s more 

We expanded the territories’ filters to a few lists: tracks, works, releases and contracts. These filters will allow you to efficiently search through your data by authorized or unauthorized territories.

What’s next 

As mentioned above, Royalties Manager is next up on the list although there might be a couple of surprises along the way.

All the best,


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