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Rights Manager V2 - Tech Update August 2019
Tech Updates
August 25, 2019

Rights Manager V2 - Tech Update August 2019

This August has been a real brain teaser for us because we finally finished our V2 of Rights Manager.

What's new: Rights Manager V2!

Its first version was made live back in April 2019. It allowed users to establish chains of rights and royalty splits between them and their right holders through the use of contracts. It was very practical and paved the way to tons of awesome features to be added in the future, as well as improvements. It is these features and improvements that actually got us thinking about what we had done and made us realize we needed to dig deeper to create a comprehensive rights management system.

We couldn’t make these changes without having to completely rebuild core components of our Rights Manager.

We essentially remodeled the flow of chain of rights inside Reprtoir accounts and redefined the interrelations between Rightholders (legal representatives), Contributors (Artists, Record Labels, Songwriters, Music Publishers), Contacts and Companies.

Here are the main improvements brought to Rights Manager:

  • We added the possibility to define territorial restrictions to contracts
  • Rightsholders (Contacts and Companies) can now be assigned to Artists, Record Labels, Songwriters, Music Publishers directly within each of their respective lists
  • It is now possible to assign Rightholders to Tracks as well as define royalty splits directly at the track level
  • You can now do edits on multiple contracts at once

What's more: billing improvements

  • Reprtoir is now SCA compliant
  • We now send automatic emails to users when payment of their invoice fail
  • We added a new invoice payment page that allows a user to retry the payment of their invoice.

What's next: Works Manager

If all goes well the following components should see the light of day in September:

  • Works Manager
  • Panel / Tab view
  • Feedback and roadmap

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