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A Look Back on MusicAlly NEXT 2023
May 8, 2023

A Look Back on MusicAlly NEXT 2023

Last month, Reprtoir made a quick detour to attend the first MusicAlly NEXT event in London! Our team was there for a full day of discussions about technology in the field of music, and let us tell you, there’s a lot to cover. Luckily, we’re here to tell you about our trip to MusicAlly’s event. Shall we?

MusicAlly panels and discussions: AI everywhere

First things first, MusicAlly is known for their insightful articles and takes on the music industry’s news and transformations. MusicAlly NEXT was definitely on point. A lot of talks touched base on AI-powered tools, the implications on copyright and of course on music creation. These are just a few examples; all in all, music and gaming were at the core of questions regarding AI-related changes. Sure, you’ve heard a lot about AI lately, but there’s something a little different about it when the context gathers many of the musictech key players.

Another aspect spoke to us on a deeper level though: how this would evolve regarding monetization. Because of course we are going to face these issues at some point in our AI-based creations. We are convinced that it’s better to anticipate the various ways we could take the most out of these innovations rather than react to the latest regulations. Although right now, it seems like we have a lot of questions and very few answers. How are we going to monetize content in the metaverse? Is AI composition going to be a nightmare to track? To whom does an AI-generated content belong?

AI-generated music is surely going to impact the music industry, whether it’ll be about the implementation of streams or how we’ll integrate new tools to deal with multiple versions of AI tracks. At that point, catalog management and metadata will be the ones to help the music industry handle the changes to come.

Finally, the way music will end up being consumed in the near future was discussed, mainly in relation to Web3. Decentralization, regulation and paying artists are still at the core of our issues today.

Reprtoir’s place in the ecosystem

Among the companies developing AI tools and working on machine learning for catalog management, Reprtoir came in as the solution that comes right after in the process. The sync pitching field was well represented, catalog libraries were present as well to listen to the current trends. The question that comes next is: how do we license catalogs at a more efficient pace?

We at Reprtoir are providing royalty accounting software. Catalog and royalty aspects of the work are still pretty rooted in a more traditional method for the music industry, compared to new AI-assisted creation. It feels like the royalties world is bracing for impact.

This is where MusicAlly NEXT's main difference with other events such as NYLON stands out: we were here to talk more about how to get the most out of our catalogs and how Reprtoir can help build a strong workflow with a steady platform. Not so much on royalty management and the concrete challenges we are facing now.

So MusicAlly NEXT isn’t the place to go full prospection, but it’s the right place to be in to listen to new companies’ insights, find the latest innovative ideas and new tools to collaborate with.

Who’s at MusicAlly NEXT?

By the way, who did we see over there? Few record labels were attending virtually, but mainly you’d find musictech companies working on metadata, catalog and creativity. MusicAlly gathered an ecosystem of companies to keep an eye on, to learn from and maybe call a partner in the future.

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