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Music industry’s numbers & AI meeting point - WR #163
Weekly Roundups
May 26, 2023

Music industry’s numbers & AI meeting point - WR #163

Welcome to our weekly roundup of the latest news in the music industry! In this edition, we delve into the exciting convergence of Music and AI, the legal landscape with lawsuits and copyright infringement, and the development of performing rights infrastructure. Get ready to explore the dynamic meeting point where music, technology, legal battles, and industry growth intersect. Let’s get started!

#1. 120 000 tracks every day on streaming platforms

“Oversupply”. That’s the term Lucian Grainge used to describe the current state of releases onto streaming platforms. Indeed, the number of tracks released in a day has been upped to 120 000. This is the highest level we’ve ever reached, again. These numbers are coming from Luminate, estimating that back in 2022, about 34.1 million tracks were uploaded on platforms. If you’re looking for more details, here’s the wrap up from Music Business Worldwide.

#2. UMG Embraces the AI Revolution

The rapid change and evolution of technology, including the rise of AI, are difficult to stop. While many try to resist this revolution, others have understood that it's futile to do so: embracing the change appears to be the best solution. One of those is Michael Nash, Chief Digital Officer of UMG, who believes in the potential of ethical AI and aims to enhance the well-being of the audience through music created with Endel's patented technology.

If you remember, we discussed this in a previous weekly Weekly Roundup. Just to remind you what it is, Endel is a sound wellness app based on AI that provides soundscapes to help users sleep, focus, and relax, adapting in real-time based on various inputs. Additionally, the Endel app is available on various platforms, and pricing options range from weekly trials to monthly, annual, and lifetime subscriptions.

This partnership will enable UMG artists to release soundscapes, including new music versions and catalog, while respecting the rights of creators and prioritizing artist involvement in the creative process. The agreement certainly represents an interesting food for thought and inspiration in this panorama of continuous and inevitable evolution of AI.

#3. Top Music Licensing Expert Unveiled on Copyright Takedowns

Have you ever wondered why copyright takedowns, sanctions, and lawsuits occur? Easysong, a leading music licensing expert, has explained some of the most common reasons.

These include creating and distributing cover songs without proper licenses, uploading cover songs to streaming platforms without the necessary licenses, sharing cover song videos on YouTube without authorization. But also creating and publishing derivative works without required licenses, using copyrighted music for user-generated content on social media platforms and employing copyrighted tracks for advertisements without adequate licenses.

The list continues with relying on waivers instead of obtaining licenses, skipping synchronization licenses for music in film and television production and using copyrighted songs during theatrical productions without theatrical licenses. There are so many reasons that can cause serious problems, but you should read more to be aware of them.

#4. ASCAP and BMI join forces against fraud

The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) and Broadcast Music Inc. (BMI) have formed a joint task force to address fraudulent activities in the music industry.

This collaboration builds upon their SONGVIEW initiative, providing detailed copyright information. The task force comprises experts from ASCAP and BMI, working together to identify and prevent fraudulent registration of musical works. They aim to maintain data integrity, enhance identity verification protocols, raise awareness, and collaborate with global partners.

With over 25 million musical works combined, ASCAP and BMI partnership ensures accurate ownership information for their online databases. The task force intends to lead a proactive approach to protect music creators' rights and royalties and enhance data integrity in the industry.

#5. BMI and Music Nation Collaborate on Performing Rights

BMI, a leading performing rights management organization, is collaborating with Music Nation, a music rights management organization based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), to develop a world-class performing rights infrastructure in the UAE. The partnership aims to protect the rights of music creators, ensure fair compensation for their work's public performances, and foster the growth of songwriters and composers in the region.

This initiative involves building new infrastructure, establishing licensing processes, and setting up offices in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The partnership aligns with the UAE's vision of nurturing a thriving music industry and providing viable career opportunities for music creators. Both BMI and Music Nation are committed to supporting creators, promoting talent development, and fostering a vibrant music ecosystem in the UAE.

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