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Meet Reprtoir at the Future Music Forum in Barcelona!
Music Industry Essentials
September 18, 2023

Meet Reprtoir at the Future Music Forum in Barcelona!

Good news! Reprtoir will be at the Future Music Forum to present our latest features and meet up with all of the attendees! Willing to see who’s behind the workspace you’ve been using? Come to us at the Future Music Forum and let’s chat.

What’s the Future Music Forum?

Put together by the Music Industry City collective, the Future Music Forum gathers music professionals, innovators, investors and artists from around the world. For 3 days in Barcelona, artists and music industry professionals come together to talk about the changes our field is facing, through panels, discussions and live events in the evening.

From the 26th to 28th, attendees will be able to listen to a variety of discussions about artist development, innovation, mental health, music industry key actors… For the 12th annual edition of the Future Music Forum, the team partners with MIDiA Research (again) for a full focus on innovation and new technologies related to music.

So of course you’ll find Reprtoir among the attendees, where should you look for us?

Learn everything about Reprtoir

It’s the occasion to connect directly with the team in Barcelona. On the 27th at 4pm, mark your calendars! You’ll be able to attend a presentation of the workspace by Lara Angelil and ask all your questions about the features that are available today, but also about the next steps for us.

We can’t wait to see you there and tell you all about the future of Reprtoir. You can also get in touch with us to talk about it in detail!

The AI Ecosystem : Challenges / Opportunities / Risks

Next stop: the panel. Find Lara Angelil, our Sales Representative and Business Developer, as a speaker on an AI-focused panel. Alongside Lara, you’ll find Michel Zgarka (HITLAB), Jonas Norberg (Tuned Global) and Sergi Jorda (Universitat Pompeu Fabra).

We'll have a lot to discuss on the AI ecosystem and the impact AI can have on the music industry, exploring its transformative potential in areas such as composition, performance, audience engagement or copyright laws. Find the panel on the 27th of September at 4:30pm!

We’ll be here for the whole event so don’t hesitate to reach out and we’ll plan a meeting together or just grab a coffee. Let’s meet up there!

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