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Back from the Future Music Forum
October 2, 2023

Back from the Future Music Forum

Last week, we went to Barcelona with a few members of our team to attend the Future Music Forum. So how was it?

Why attend the Future Music Forum?

Firstly, if you’re looking to connect with the Tech ecosystem in Music, you’ll be in the right place. We mainly got to talk with MusicTech companies, or at least working within the music industry. Very few artists were here to defend their music, although of course many concerts and live gigs were set up at night.

FMF 2023 was indeed a great place to meet a strong ecosystem for music and innovation. If there were still any doubts about it, check out their program and see for yourself on the topics that were brought up to stage!

Did you catch us at the Future Music Forum?

First, your very own Lara Angelil went to present Reprtoir’s platform in detail during a quick pitch session. Alongside various B2B solutions for the music industry, the interesting insight we could give you here is that label services are still a very strong trend in the music business right now. We got a clear idea that many new solutions are coming up. This could be a reaction to the fact that deep tech is rising (generative AI, blockchain…) so the music industry has to adapt and make their workflow fit to this new ecosystem.

Going further, of course AI was part of the main topic that has been discussed by the attendees and in the panels. Again, Lara was there to talk a bit more about what Reprtoir’s vision for the future by being part of a roundtable on the risks and opportunities AI represents for our field. Conversations mixing various companies actively building the solutions released on the market have been going during the two days that focused on Tech, making it a little bit clearer for everyone.

Was the Future Music Forum worth it?

We would say the Future Music Forum gathers many MusicTech professionals. In that way, it’s very focused and attracts its target audience really well. If you’re looking to connect with your ecosystem, go for it!

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